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This program offers the opportunity to “Meet Your Soul Mate In The Canary Islands”. Only those genuinely looking for an intimate Soul relationship should engage, and there’s an option to pre-register for a free demonstration. Interested parties can reach out via WhatsApp, Telegram, or Email with their details.
“Another Self” is a captivating Netflix series that serves as an introduction to this kind of workshops, rooted in the Family Constellations methodology.
Testimonials from past workshop participants commend the profound learning and transformative experiences of the Workshops facilitated by @AngelPrimal.
The program aims to guide individuals in attracting their Soulmate, emphasizing the necessity of learning from past relationship mistakes and focusing on personal growth.
It underscores the importance of evolving beyond mere physical preferences to seek deeper connections. It promotes understanding oneself better and refining one’s personality, ensuring alignment with potential partners, as investing time in self-growth improves one’s attractiveness to Soulmates.
The “Meet Your Soulmate” program focuses on resolving familial constraints and mind limitations to cultivate genuine intimate relationships. Through targeted workshops, participants can address both apparent and concealed challenges in their familial systems and thought processes.
The program offers:
Events: Tailored for singles and couples. Heterosexually-focused but inclusive for all sexual preferences.
Age Groups: Divided into 20-35, 30-50, and 50+; potential 65+ group based on demand.
Participants: From 14 to 24 participants per workshop, varying numbers for longer programs.
Duration: Weekend, 3 days, and 5-7 days events available.
Amenities: Most events include room and board.
Selection: Open registration with a brief interview for confirmation; reserve the right to admission.
Outcome: Encourages an open-minded approach for best results.
Commitment: Prides in providing a premium experience with a Money-Back guarantee for unsatisfied participants.
Registration: Pre-register by answering pertinent relationship questions and sharing basic personal details.
The focus is on a transformative journey of self-discovery with a strong belief in the effectiveness of these heart-opening workshops.
Origin of Project: Initiated by @AngelPrimal in 2020 in Costa Rica targeting American tourists with the slogan “Find Your Soul Mate in the Caribean.” In 2023, the program expanded to the Canary Islands, Spain, focusing on Europeans, with the slogan “Meet/Find Your Soulmate in The Canary Islands.”
Reserved for future events: and
Ángel Álvarez: Also known as @AngelPrimal online. He is a Primal therapist with over 20 years of experience as a facilitator of Family Constellations, having facilitated around 3,000 Constellations (2003-2023).
From 2010, Angel’s approach to Family Constellation evolved, transitioning from a two-dimensional understanding to a multi-dimensional perception. This shift was driven by intuition and years of experience.
Offerings: In addition to Family Constellations, Angel has, since 2015, been offering “Personal Constellations” – group experiences focusing in changing our inner dialogues, working with our individual history
Testimonials: Numerous testimonials from 2003-2023 workshops, primarily in Spanish, with some translated into English.
The workshops are centered around relationships for singles, but couples are welcome.
Different events vary in length:
Weekend Event:
Duration: 2 days / 3 nights
Cost: 1,200€ (200€ discount available with reference MYS).
Group Composition: 7 women & 7 men.
3 Day Event:
Duration: 3 days / 3 nights
Cost: 1,200€.
Group Composition: 9 women & 9 men.
5 Day Event:
Duration: 7 days / 6 nights
Cost: 1,500€.
Group Composition: 12 women & 12 men.
Most of the events include room & board and airport transport.
There is a Money-Back policy in all the Soulmate events.
Webs of @AngelPrimal: (Spanish) (Spanish) (Spanish & English)
Contact Details:
WhatsApp: +34627619266
Telegram: @AngelPrimal
X (Twitter): @PrimalSpain

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