Business proposal: Soulmate Program (Active & Wellness Travel)

To Whom It May Concern,

Greetings from Spain !

I hope this message finds you well.

We are a collective of therapists well-versed in the intricate art of Family Constellations. Among us, some boast more than two decades of experience as facilitators.

The internet serves as a treasure trove of resources concerning Family Constellations. Notably, the esteemed Netflix series “Another Self” sheds light on this concept. Official Trailer:

Our current pursuit involves seeking an reputable wellness agency. This agency would play a pivotal role in assisting us with the recruitment of both women and men for our transformative Soulmate program.

We firmly believe that our program holds the potential to provide an enticing enhancement to your travel’s offerings.

The concept of a Soulmate resonates as a profound and universal aspiration among countless individuals. In the realm of addressing an array of relationship challenges, including the quest for a harmonious partner, Family Constellations stand as one of the most potent contemporary approaches.

Our present focal point rests on the exquisite Canary Islands, a destination that annually welcomes approximately 7 million tourists, predominantly from the European continent. A dedicated website for our Canary Islands program is presently under construction at

Our ambitions extend beyond the Canaries, encompassing other Spanish territories, such as the renowned “El Camino de Santiago” in the northwest part of Spain. Our vision extends even further, with plans to introduce this transformative program to other countries in 2024-2025.

At present, the allocated budget for marketing and recruitment stands at €8,400 for the 5 days program. Further details at

To underscore our commitment to this endeavor, our Soulmate programs are accompanied by a Money Back guarantee, a testament to the trust we hold in the efficacy of our offerings. Further details at

As a final comment, we are also open to engage in other projects related to your area of influence.

Awaiting your interest for further detailed insights.

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