Soulmate Event for Holistic Health Practitioners
* 2024 *

From Alternative Therapists and Coaches to Psychologists and Holistic Psychiatrists and Doctors.



Unlock your inner healing and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery through Family Constellations from a Primal perspective, guided by @AngelPrimal, an experienced Primal therapist with over 3,000 Constellations facilitated since 2003, and Judith M Costa, a renowned coach with an impressive curriculum.

Why Choose Our Program

To Experience true liberation

Our program offers you the opportunity to live one of the most liberating experiences of your life. Through our carefully designed workshops and activities, you will be able to break free from limitations and embrace a new sense of freedom.

To Attract the best relationships

Open your life to the possibility of a dream relationship. Whether you're seeking true friendships or a soul romantic connection, in our programs you will meet like-minded individuals and establish deep, meaningful connections.

To Find that special someone

Our immersive therapeutic retreat explores the intricacies of our family system to identify and resolve hidden dynamics and entanglements, to open up a realm of new possibilities for a genuine soulmate connection.

Our money-back guarantee

We firmly believe in the value of our programs and stand behind them with with utmost pride and a comprehensive money-back guarantee. Your satisfaction is our top priority. Rest assured, your happiness is our ultimate goal.

The "Meet Your Soulmate" program is an immersive therapeutic retreat that explores the intricacies of our family system to identify and resolve hidden dynamics and entanglements. By doing so, you open up a realm of new possibilities to find the genuine soulmate connection your heart longs for. The Family Constellations phenomenon is explored in the captivating 2022 Netflix series “Another Self“.

Meet Your Soulmate in The Canary Islands

Experience 7 days and 6 nights in "Puerto de la Cruz", at the Sol y Luna retreat center or a luxurious 4-star hotels, depending on the number of registrations. This workshop includes group Family Constellations sessions tailored to each individual and coaching sessions. Amidst the transformative experiences, you’ll also have leisure time to explore the beautiful surroundings and immerse yourself in the tranquil atmosphere of Puerto de la Cruz.

Future Retreats in "El Camino de Santiago" (Spain) and Miami (USA) To be published in 2024.

Pre-Register for a FREE DEMO. Send a message with your Name, City, Age, Gender and Email. WhatsApp: +34627619266 Telegram: @AngelPrimal Email: NOTE: Pre-register only if you are seriously looking for an intimate Soul relationship.


It is amazing and magical how Family Constellations get us into the skin of people that we have not met before. @AngelPrimal Workshops (2003 - 2023)
It is not easy to put my experience into words. The depth and breadth of the learning is astonishing. @AngelPrimal Workshops (2003 - 2023)
After attending your workshop I decided to dream big and ask for the Soul Mate of my dreams. I found him! (Judith M Costa Success Stories)
Judith is amazing. She changed many of my views, and I have a lot more clarity than before, just after one session with her! (Judith M Costa Success Stories)
The Fall In Love With Yourself workshop was just wonderful!. (Judith M Costa Success Stories)

Get a €100 back when you register before 2024.

Early Registration: Receive a €100 discount when you make a reservation deposit in 2023.

An Exclusive Retreat for Holistic Health Practitioners

As a holistic health practitioner, you dedicate yourself to the well-being of others. But in order to provide the best version of yourself in your health approach, it is crucial to prioritize your own needs and well-being.
The Soulmate program offers you a space to meet fellow practitioners, connect deeply with yourself and with like-minded individuals who understand the intricacies of the journey.

Family Constellations Approach

Experience the transformative power of Family Constellations from a Primal perspective facilitated by @AngelPrimal, diving deep into the world of soulmate connections and discover profound depths of emotion and connection.

A Program to Guide Your Heart

Dive deep into the world of soulmate connections with the unparalleled Family Constellations approach facilitated by @AngelPrimal, a transformative method designed to remove systemic obstacles that have stood between you and your ideal partner.

The Time is Now

“Love is the music of intertwined destinies. Why delay?” Picture yourself, a few months from now, with your true soulmate by your side. It may or may not happen, as the essence of life is pure uncertainty, but when you work on your family chains and connect with the original love in your family system, a new world of possibilities opens up, revealing profound depths of emotion and connection.

Embark With Confidence

Start your odyssey to deep and enduring love today with this Heartfelt Workshop.
Our program offers a money-back guarantee and ensures full anonymity, rigorous privacy and a commitment to confidentiality.

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