My name is Angel Alvarez, @AngelPrimal in Internet.
I am the founder of the Primal Association in Spain (1997)
I am a Primal therapist who has been working with the “Knowing Field” of Family Constellations for more than 20 years.
Since 2003, I have facilitated around 3,000 Constellations from a Primal perspective. (2003-2023).
Before that I studied Economics in Spain and Psychology & Alternative Therapies in the USA, where I lived for 7 years and attended two Colleges and a University in Florida and California.
In 2010, after facilitating Family Constellation for 6-7 years, my understanding of the “Knowing Field” underwent a transformative shift towards a “multi-dimensional” perspective. It took several years for my mind to grasp the diverse layers of systemic reality that manifest within these workshops. As time passed, my mind developed a new language where both time and practice were necessary.
During the first few years, my experience as a Primal therapist and ny intuition gave me enough comprehension to guide these workshops. However, as time went on, my perception expanded to encompass reality from various angles, progressing from a two-dimensional standpoint to embracing the multiple perspectives akin to a three-dimensional figure.
There are hundreds of testimonials from my clients in Spanish, but you can find some testimonials translated into English HERE.
Since 2015, I also offer training in what I call “Personal Constellations”, which is a group experience similar to Family Constellations, but working with your personal history.
Training in Personal and Family Constellations in Group
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Telegram: @AngelPrimal
Twitter: @PrimalSpain

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The Soulmate Project Now in Spain

The Start of the Project by @AngelPrimal

The “Meet Your Soulmate” program began in 2020 in Costa Rica.
Initially targeted at North-American tourists, the program aimed to help them find their soulmates in the Caribbean.
We are launching the same program in the Canary Islands, with a focus on Europeans. The program remains unchanged, offering the opportunity to meet your soulmate in the beautiful Canary Islands.
To support this expansion, we have registered two domains: and
Additionally, we have reserved other domains for similar programs in different regions of Spain, such as El Camino de Santiago, and other countries. These domains include: