Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Captivating series delving into the exploration of Family Constellations.

Are these events for singles or couples?

They are designed for both, singles and couples.
Most of the participants will be singles, but couples wanting to solve some of their relationship issues are welcome.

Is it only for heterosexuals?

Most of the events will be oriented to heterosexual men and women, but anyone can attend no matter what sexual orientation.
Nevertheless, if you are not heterosexual, you may not feel as comfortable. Please ask for the next event oriented to people with other sexual preferences.

What are the ages of the groups?

There is a different workshop for each age-group:
  • Group from 20 to 35
  • Group from 30 to 50
  • Group 50 +
    If needed, we would make a 65+ group.

How many participants in each age-group?

There will be up to 24 participants in each workshop. A maximum of 14 participants in the weekend program, 18 in the 3 days program and 24 in longer programs.
We always try to match the number of women and men.

How long do the events last?

There are 3 different length events:
  • Weekend Event.
  • 3 Days Event.
  • 5 to 7 Days Event.
    (Long events will include other activities)

Do the events include room & board?

Most of the events will include room and board, but some weekend events may not include rooms.

Is there a selection of participants?

Most of the registrations will be accepted, but we reserve our right of admission if it is better for someone not to attend a particular event.
There will be a brief phone interview with the registered applicants before confirming all attendees.

Will I meet my soulmate in one of the events?

You will meet potential partners with similar goals attending these workshops. Therefore, a nice relationship could begin right there or after the workshop and the possibility of a soulmate relationship.
Nevertheless, we recommend to come to the retreat with an open mind and without expectations.
This attitude will bring you the best results during the workshop and anywhere else after.

Will one workshop be enough?

When solving relationship issues rooted in the family history, there are usually more than one to deal with. 
Therefore, a second workshop may be necessary to work on additional issues to brake the family entanglements and start attracting into your life the results your heart desires. 

What if I do not meet someone special during or after the second workshop?

The issues you work in a retreat may take many weeks, or even months, to settle in the family and personal energy field. 
Nevertheless, if you do not see a real change in your relationships after 6 months, and you want to participate again, you may ask for an invitation to attend an extra workshop.
We will study your case and decide the type of invitation we can offer you.

How can I participate in any of these programs?

Once register, you will be asked to answer some questions like: 
  • Do you feel ready for a long lasting relationship?
  • Would you be willing to relocate for love?
  • What are your sexual preferences? 
  • What are your life goals?