Dear Sir / Madam,

We have watched you on social media, and would like to sign you as an affiliate partner of the “Holistic Health Practitioners Soulmate program“. We really appreciate your commitment to Happy & Profound Relationships and would love to have you on board.

After thoroughly reviewing your credentials, we also believe that you share our commitment to fulfilling promises and commitments, and would be happy to accept your affiliate application.

As an affiliate, you will receive a commission of 300 €uros, divided into two parts, for each participant you refer who signs up and pays the reservation deposit. The first 50% will be paid to you as soon as the applicant pays the €300 and the remaining 50% will be paid within a week after the event concludes.

It’s worth noting that if you successfully refer all 24 participants for the same retreat, your total commission will be a remarkable sum of 8400 €uros.

Please keep in mind that we offer a Money Back guarantee to all our clients. In the unlikely event that a participant requests a refund according to our money-back policy, you are responsible for refunding the 50% you collected of their initial €300 reservation deposit, no later than one week after the event concludes. However, we have confidence in the exceptional quality of our program and do not anticipate any refund requests.

The same money back guarantee would apply if an event is canceled, In the unlikely event that a retreat is canceled, all the deposit money must be refunded in full to the registered participants immediately.

The maximum number of reservations for the 5-7 day retreat is limited to 24 participants, with an equal split of 12 women and 12 men. In the absence of any refunds, you will receive the remaining 50% of the deposit, within one week after the retreat concludes. Additionally, if you had referred 5 or more signed individuals  to a given retreat, you will receive an additional €50 for each participant when the retreat concludes, that is an additional 1200 €uros if you refer all 24 participants, except when the money back policy applies.

Finally, we use the Trackdesk software for real time tracking of links and money conversions, and you will have direct access to tracking your referrals.

Please, use this link to register in our program with Trackdesk:


Thank you again for your time and your consideration to join our affiliate program. We look forward to a successful partnership and helping individuals find their soulmates through our transformative program.

Best regards,
Angel Alvarez
Holistic Health Practitioners Soulmate Program

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P.S.: This is the first retreat of its kind in the world and, after its success, we intend to organize more retreats in the Canary Islands and around the world, some of them with longer stays and higher number of participants.